Euro-Climhist – Ways to Weather Hindcasting

Co-operation Partners

Euro-Climhist would not be possible without a wide network of co-operation partners from all over Europe. In this context, special thanks are due to the following people and research groups:

Research Groups and Individuals


Dr Mikhaël Schwander (World Meteorological Organisation, Geneva / Institute of Geography, University of Bern)
Extensive time series of daily weather conditions in Europe since 1763 based on his dissertation (Schwander et al. 2017)


Prof. em. Dr Heinz J. Zumbühl (University of Bern), Dr Samuel Nussbaumer, Céline Walker (both World Glacier Monitoring Service, University of Zurich)

Cooperation in the installation of extensive image inventories of glacier levels in Switzerland (Zumbühl et al. 2016), France (Nussbaumer et al. 2012) and Norway


Prof. em. Dr Rudolf Brázdil, Prof. Dr Petr Dobrovolný, Dr Martin Možný (all Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic)
Long time series of seasonal temperature, seasonal precipitation and phenology in the Czech Republic


Prof. Dr Mariano Barriendos (IDAEA-CSIC, Barcelona), Dr Marc Prohom i Duran (Servei Meteorològic de Catalunya, Barcelona)
Temperature series for Barcelona from 1780


Prof. em. Dr Andreas Tarand, Prof. Dr Ulrike Plath, Dr Kaarel Vanamölder, Krister Kruusma (all University of Tallinn)
Gradual integration of Andreas Tarand's life's work (including long series on winter temperatures from 1322) into Euro-Climhist, storm data on Estonia and the Baltic Sea region


Dr Thomas Labbé (Université de Bourgogne, Dijon)
Long series on grape harvest data from Beaune (Burgundy) dating back to 1354 (Labbé et al. 2019)

Dr Laurent Litzenburger (Metz)
Grape harvest data on eastern France dating back to the late Middle Ages, based on his dissertation (Litzenburger 2015)


Dr Daniel Rousseau (Paris)
Long temperature and precipitation series for Paris from 1658, beginning with the meteorological observations of Louis Morin (Rousseau 2012)


Dr Kathleen Pribyl (Brighton)
Long temperature series for Norwich for the period 1264-1431, based on the results of her dissertation (Pribyl 2017)


Dr Conor Murphy (Irish Climate Analysis and Research UnitS (ICARUS), Maynooth University, Ireland)
Long series on monthly and seasonal precipitation values for Ireland from 1711 (Murphy et al. 2018)


Prof Dr Stefan Brönnimann (Institute of Geography, University of Bern), Dr Yuri Brugnara (EMPA, formerly Institute of Geography, University of Bern)
Step-by-step integration of early instrumental measurement series from Switzerland before 1863, which were generated as part of the SNSF project "CHIMES" (2016-2020)


Dr Michel Grenon (Observatoire de Genève, Sauverny)
Advice and the generous provision of archive material on the Geneva region


Stefan Hächler (Bern)
Data from his licentiate thesis on flood events in the Swiss Alps since the late Middle Ages (Hächler 1991)


Dr h.c. Hans Rudolf Lavater-Briner (Erlach BE)
Weather data from Wolfgang Haller's diaries, which he edited in full for the first time


Dr Gregor Zenhäusern (Unterbäch VS, formerly Research Institute for the History of the Alpine Region, Brig)
Climate data generated as part of the National Fund project "Climate History of Valais 1500-1864" (2006-2009), which he led


Dr Lotta Leijonhufvud (Stockholm University)
Long series on winter temperatures in Stockholm going back to 1502 (Leijonhufvud et al. 2010).

Translations and Review of Texts and Specialised Terminology


  • Dr Alexandra Vlachos, University of Bern
  • Richard Warren, University of Bern
  • Prof. Dr Sam White, University of Helsinki


  • Suzanne Sarah Koch, Payerne
  • Dr Corinne Fournier, Bremgarten near Bern
  • Dr Laurent Litzenburger, Université de Lorraine, Metz
  • Carole Mast, University of Bern
  • Dominique Ruffieux, MeteoSwiss, Payerne


  • Prof. Dr Simona Boscani Leoni, Université de Lausanne
  • Silva Cassina-Passardi, Manno
  • Dr Antonio Contino, Università di Palermo
  • Eveline Dressler, Freiburg im Breisgau
  • Dr. Davide Martino, University of Bern
  • Fosco Spinedi, MeteoSwiss, Locarno-Monti

Further Thanks

  • Dr Norbert Furrer, Berne
  • Prof Dr Harrie-Jan Hendricks-Franssen, Zurich
  • Dr Christian Röthlisberger, Grossaffoltern BE
  • Dr This Rutishauser, University of Bern / kontextlabor, Münsingen
  • Dr Gabriela Schwarz-Zanetti, University of Berne
  • Dr Roman Studer, Zurich
  • Dr Renate Varga, born Auchmann, Vienna, formerly University of Berne