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Oberer Grindelwaldgletscher
The Upper Grindelwald Glacier in
1835, painted by Thomas Fearnley
Source: Nasjonalgalleriet Oslo.

Historical Glacier Images Enable Reconstruction of Past Glacier Levels

Global glacier retreat is a warning sign of climate change. Historical glacier images show past glacier fluctuations and give the public and researchers a unique insight into past climate events. These findings are essential for understanding the current and future climate.

MeteoSwiss-Blog, 18.08.2023  

Blog Post in Collaboration with the Sebastiana Foundation

Ein detaillierter Blick auf Witterung und Phänologie des ausgehenden 18. und 19.  Jahrhunderts: die Beispiele Grossaffoltern (BE) und Landquart (GR).
Extract from the weather records of Johann
Rudolf Salis-Marschlins for July 1787.

A detailed look at the weather and phenology of the late 18th and 19th centuries: the examples of Grossaffoltern (BE) and Landquart (GR)

Blog post in collaboration with the Sebastiana Foundation by Christian Rohr, Isabelle Vieli & Tamara T. Widmer

Blog (PDF, 581KB)

Article in PAGES Magazine

News from paleoscience data organizations

News from paleoscience data organizations

Article published in PAGES Magazine by Darrell Kaufman & Lukas Jonkers.

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Blog Post in Collaboration with the Sebastiana Foundation

Integration von historischen Gletscherbildern in die Euro-Climhist Datenban

Integration of historical glacier images into the Euro-Climhist database

Blog post in collaboration with the Sebastiana Foundation by Samuel U. Nussbaumer, Christian Rohr, Céline Walker & Tamara T. Widmer.

Blog (PDF, 966KB)



Article Published in the Journal Didactica Historica

Tracing the climate since the Middle Ages - project-orientated work in secondary schools and grammar schools with the Euro-Climhist database

Article published in the journal Didactica Historica by Christian Rohr, Chantal Camenisch & Tamara T. Widmer.

Didactia Historica No 7/2021 (PDF, 1.5 MB)



Project Flyer in Collaboration with the UniBern Research Foundation

Projektflyer in Zusammenarbeit mit der UniBern Forschungsstiftung: "Euro-Climhist: freier Zugang zu Daten für die Witterungs-, Klima und Katastrophengeschichte" von Christian Rohr

Free access to data for weather, climate and disaster history

Under the leadership of Christian Pfister's successor, Prof Dr Christian Rohr, the "Euro-Climhist" research project is one of the first projects of its kind worldwide to extract historical document data on climate and weather from various types of sources, evaluate the data accordingly and then make it available in a generally accessible online database.

Flyer: UniBern Forschungsstiftung, „Auswahl unterstützter Projekte“, Nr. 10. (PDF, 258KB)