A Child of the „European Science Foundation“ 1990-1994

The project „European Palaeoclimate and Man since the Last Glaciation“ launched by Burkart Frenzel 1989 and supported by the „European Science Foundation“ (ESF) stands at the cradle of Euro-Climhist. It aimed at investigating the impact of pre-industrial man on the climate. This objective turned the approach of Hubert Lamb upside down, who had asked for the impact of weather and climate upon human history and who had therefore convened the first international “Conference on Climate and History” to Norwich (England) in 1979, where more than 250 historians, geographers, climatologists and archaeologists from over thirty countries started discussing after they had worked more or less isolated before. At least the ESF project also provided a platform for Historical Climatology. A working group lead by Christian Pfister was established to reconstruct past weather and climate from documentary evidence.