Your Support for the Enlargement and Improvement of Euro-Climhist (Module “Switzerland”)

Research with us – Discover missing data!

Euro-Climhist (Module “Switzerland”) is not just a one-way street. Rather, the data-base needs to be enlarged and improved. Thereby you can support us. If you come across new data concerning weather and climate, which are missing in Euro-Climhist (please make a query first), let us know this by sending a PDF scan with the printed text including the front page (or the archive and the archive key in case of a manuscript) to Relevant contributions are credited on the website.

In particular, we are looking for:

  • Pictures and (private) photographs of past extreme events (e.g. flood marks) in older publications (no pictures from the internet!) in good quality and with exact reference.
  • Monthly weather reports for the periods from 1791 to 1819 and from 1878 to 1881.
  • Records of measured precipitation for Northeastern Switzerland prior to 1864.
  • Further contemporary weather descriptions between 1501 and 1550 and from the 1640s.
  • Send us contemporary reports about storm impacts, severe hailstorms, drought, untimely snowfalls, for the period prior to 1972 also reports on severe (local) floods and landslides, for the period prior to 1950 severe losses through avalanches. A wealth of relevant information is available in old newspapers as well as in local histories and chronicles. Last but not least this topic is a rewarding for qualification work on climate change at secondary school level. Results could be integrated into Euro-Climhist. Logistic support will be provided. Those who help improving Euro-Climhist are credited on the website.


Thank you for your cooperation!