Amount of Data According to Places

Distribution of the records of module 1 (Switzerland, 1501-1999) according to their spatial origin

The lion’s share of the observations refers to Northeastern Switzerland (32%) followed by Cantons Bern and Lucerne (21%), Northwestern Switzerland (18%) and the French speaking cantons (13%). This distribution mirrors the numerical significance of the daily weather observations and the long instrumental series. In Central Switzerland (2%) and in Cantons Grisons, Valais and Ticino (2%) data mainly refer to nature induced disasters. For observations on valleys, waters, glaciers, mountains and mountain passes (5%) and on larger regions (7%) no cantons are allocated. Only few observations (less than 1%) refer to adjacent places abroad, but they are important, because they concern features that were not at all or not properly observed in Switzerland, Relatively few data are available from Cantons Vaud and Fribourg considering their demographic, economic and cultural significance.