A Modular Structure

For the period after 1500 Euro-Climhist might be structured in the form of regional modules (following the borders of modern countries), akin to the Module Switzerland. These should be worked out by regional groups under their own authorship using the approach and the software of Euro-Climhist. The procedure should be similar to an article in a volume of essays, whereas the database managers might act as “editors” by supporting the input and the processing of data. By doing so the needed supra-regional homogenization of documentary data should be achieved by insuring at the same time the authorship of regional groups. Those keep the ownership and control of their data, but will not have to undertake the year-long development of an independent web database. Module Switzerland (release) is the first of those regional modules. For the period prior to 1500 regional modules make no sense because the data-density is not sufficient for most of the regions in Europe. The module “Middle Ages” will therefore cover entire Europe and will be developed from late 2015 onwards.