Euro-Climhist database


WHAT? Select categories (topics)

Categories: The manifold data contents found within climate-historical observations and data are systematically arranged in the classification scheme. It is subdivided into categories and subcategories. Selecting a category includes all corresponding subcategories. No selection includes all categories. For several categories: Pressing and holding down CTRL or “Command” (MAC).

Combination of Categories: AND/OR: Selecting AND lists all observations including all selected topics, e.g. air-temperature and precipitation at the selected location. Selecting OR lists all observations including at least one of the selected topics.

WHEN? (Select period)

Include daily weather observations (frequent, possibly annoying): Daily weather observations account fort the lion’s share of all observations from 1684 to 1863. Their inclusion into a query may obscure the survey on the selected categories.

WHERE? Select level of administrative structure, glaciers, waters, forests, mountains, mountain passes, valleys (arranged in this order)

Distance model: Select a reference point and a radius.

Administrative structure: countries are on the top level. Federal states /cantons /departments /provinces are on the second level. Communities including hamlets within communities are on the third level. Caution: Selecting entities on the second level does not include waters, mountains etc. situated therein.

Region: case-specifically defined or through indications within sources. Caution: Selecting a region does not include all observations available for this space-unit. Examples: Basel Regio besides Cantons Baselstadt and Baselland the French Department “Haute Alsace” and the southernmost part of Baden (Germany).

Glaciers: are not attributed to federal states /cantons /departments /provinces.

Waters: Lakes and rivers are not attributed to federal states /cantons /departments /provinces.

Forests: are not attributed to federal states /cantons /departments /provinces.

Mountains: are not attributed to federal states /cantons /departments /provinces.

Mountain passes: are not attributed to federal states /cantons /departments /provinces.

Valleys: are not attributed to federal states /cantons /departments /provinces.

Distance model: presents all observations situated within the selected perimeter (including waters, mountains etc ).